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A Clocwork Orange (1971)

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Science-inspired necklaces from the Delftia Etsy store

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66 plays Love Street The Doors Waiting for the Sun.

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John Lennon’s glasses

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 Favourite ship
↳ Clannibal (Dr. Hannibal Lecter & Clarice Starling)

 - Dr. Fell, do you believe a man could become so obsessed with a woman, from a single encounter? 
- Could he daily feel a stab of hunger for her and find nourishment in the very sight of her? I think so. But would she see through the bars of his plight and ache for him?”

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Nothing seems real anymore. Even the flames from the fire seem to beckon to me, drawing me into some great past life buried somewhere deep in my subconscious, if only I could find the key..if only..if only. Ever since my illness, my condition, I’ve been trying to find some logical way of passing my time, of justifying a means to an end.” -Ian Curtis

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